How To Seduce A Guy Over Text: 12 Texting Tips For Women

How To Seduce A Guy Over Text: 12 Texting Tips For Women

If you want to know how to be seductive over text then you first have to know that there is an art to it. Although you want to flirt and tease you also don’t want to appear too easy to get.

Being seductive with a guy when you are texting, instant messaging or through email, can be fun if you know the right way to do it.

Like everything else in the world of attraction, there are right and wrong ways to do things. Keep reading for a list of 12 great tips that can help you be seductive when you are texting a guy.

      1. One of the most important things you have to remember is to make it not appear obvious that you are the one that is doing all the flirting as you don’t want him to take you for granted or think that you are easy to get.
      2. Always make it seem like he is the one that is seducing you and you will see just how much fun the texting can be. This is key to the process.
      3. When you text him let him know that you have remembered something he did or said, as this is a big compliment to a guy and he will feel warmer towards you and will be thinking about you. You could say something like “I just remembered that thing that you did or said and how sexy it was” or something along those lines.
      4. A great way to kickstart his attraction in a neutral, non-direct manner: ask him what his favorite part of a girl’s body is.
      5. Always use his name when you text him as it makes it much more intimate. Try and give him a nice cheeky pet name and then use that as well, as it will bond you with each other.
      6. Try to arouse him in a discreet way. Don’t do it directly as you must let him think that he is doing some the work. You could say that you are “trying on some new underwear” or that you “just come out of the shower” and let his mind wander a little. This is one of the best ways to arouse a guy because it is making him think of you in a sexy way.
      7. Keep things short and don’t try to explain yourself all the time. Keep a bit of mystery as guys love this even if they don’t know why.
      8. Don’t flirt when you are texting in an obvious way as then he will think that you do this with all the guys. Your ultimate goal here is to make HIM think dirty, not you. If you can do this then it will make him want to seduce you as he will think that he is chasing you and not the other way around.
      9. Try to be sweet as well as seductive when you text him. Guys love compliments just as much as girls. That way he will try harder to please you.
      10. Once you are ready to escalate your seduction efforts, you can ask him “If I were with you right now what would we be doing?” then let him take the lead.
      11. Try not to be clingy. If he doesn’t respond to your sexy text quickly just leave it be. If a guy doesn’t respond it could be that he is busy doing something or just not interested enough. If he really likes you then he will text you back quite quickly, or will give you a sincere reason for not texting back.
      12. Don’t let the conversation go on too long otherwise you risk getting him bored. Either end the texting before he does or change the subject. You have to keep things interesting or he will get bored.

If you want to know how to be seductive, then use your imagination on what to say to the guy that you are texting. As long as you don’t come across as too forward, then being a little seductive can make him get hot under the collar. It will make him focus his mind on you and no one else and make him want to see you as quickly as he can.

Seductive texting is an art, but if done properly it can make a man putty in your hands. The only problem is, once you do have him all hot under the collar because of your seductive texting, then you may have to be prepared to see things through. So only text him seductively if you really want to get your man to take you out, or into bed.

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